Today’s Simple Pleasure: Completing a Familiar Task in a New Way

I work in a large complex of buildings and walk the same route every day to enter and exit. Today I took a different path that was much more circuitous. I was able to greet coworkers that I would typically see only a few times a year. There was an event going on in which I otherwise would have missed out on participating. I also learned that the bell we have outside one of our buildings is functional, as I jumped when it chimed on the hour!

On the whole, I’ve been learning through my “simple pleasures” practice that I need novelty in my everyday life; spontaneous new experiences fuel my creativity and curiosity. I’d considered myself a creature of habit because I fall so easily into routines, but I’m learning to differentiate between my paralyzing fear of unanticipated stressors and my enjoyment of experiencing life unscripted. I only feel the positive effects of challenges (within low-risk parameters) if I make time to seek them out. What was an unexpected or spontaneous joy you found today?

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