Creating a Goal*

Goal setting isn’t typically something that brings me pleasure, but I do enjoy the results of meeting a goal. I tend to follow ideas I’ve gathered from psychology in relation to goals, which include focusing mainly on healthy behaviors which I want to adopt, rather than on unhealthy ones I want to minimize. To that end, the goal I am creating today is to read a bit from a book on a social justice topic each day.

I absorb online media voraciously and know far too much about the happenings in many areas of discussion. The books I borrow or purchase, however, sit for long periods of time without me digging into them. The reason for this could not be more ridiculous; it is too dark in my house for me to see the pages.

Through a series of events with which I won’t bore you, I’ve learned that my PTSD and other mental health conditions are slightly more manageable if I have my windows covered entirely. It creates a “cave” environment that helps me feel warm and safe. My house, however, has very few light fixtures, so it is also hard to see. In order to meet my goal of reading each day from a book, I am going to bring a lamp I have at work that has gone unused home, so that my reading area is better illuminated.

As silly as it may seem, I think my situation mirrors so many cases where goals go unmet. An obstacle, which, through attention and slight changes could be altered, may get in the way of a plan we would otherwise be able to complete. Sometimes really thinking through what you wish to be doing and taking concrete steps to allow yourself to follow through as easily as possible is all it takes.

Finally, I am putting a reminder in my phone to make a short update post about what I’ve been reading and how it has gone six weeks from now, which should give me enough time to establish a routine.

*I decided to alter the name of each day’s post to include only the simple pleasure itself as I felt like it was becoming too repetitive.

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