Create Symmetry or Alignment (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

I consider myself someone who appreciates aesthetics in physical environments. In spaces where objects have a primarily practical use, I desire for them to be arranged in a way that allows me to use them as efficiently as possible. For instance, I have my medicine and toiletries cabinet organized by function. My clothes are hung according to season and color.

For today’s simple pleasure, I went through my clothes and removed any that I am not wearing on a regular basis. I do this several times a year and cannot recommend it enough as it allows my space to feel clear and defined. I have, however, had a struggle as of late in that I am wearing a much more masculine style than I had in years past, and have felt ambivalent about donating my favorite feminine pieces that I know I won’t be able to easily replace, should I want them again. Given that I am on T, I think, as a non-binary person, it is possible that I will eventually want to wear more feminine styles if my body becomes significantly masculine in appearance. For now, I’ve placed these types of clothes in a bin which feels less cluttered and dysphoric than having all the styles co-mingled on the rack. Symmetry and alignment are not simply represented by what is visually pleasing. For me, they also include bringing the way I show up in the world into agreement with how I see myself internally, a process indeed!

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