Cast a Spell (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

I practice earth-centered paganism and, to an extent, Goddess spirituality. For today’s Simple Pleasure, I cast a spell both welcoming and releasing to nature anything my Inner Being desires. I lit both a green and a brown candle to symbolize the transition between summer and winter that’s happening where I live–more brown of dying every day and less green of blooming.

As a part of my spell-casting, I pulled two cards, one read patience and one which read ancestors. I see this as symbolic of the unresolved trauma of both my predecessors and myself and the need to endure through whatever needs to be welcomed and released as I metabolize and synthesize these experiences. I visualized a swirling motion of colors during my spell, the old and dying alongside the new and fresh, blending into the present experience of nature. What type of spell do you want to cast today?

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