Experimenting with Shading in a Drawing (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

I plan to continue my simple pleasures even after I’ve gone through all my cards one time, so I decided to “cheat” today by gathering resources instead of actually practicing the skill. I think I may have to use this approach with some of my prompts related to creativity as jumping right into doing them actually feels overwhelming and I give up before I even start. So, for today, I found a video, a website and specific art tools to help me with learning how to shade drawings.

A helpful website: https://www.wikihow.com/Shade-Drawings

Pencils designed for drawing and shading: https://www.staedtler.com/intl/en/products/pencils-and-accessories/graphite-pencils/mars-lumograph-100-drawing-pencil-61-100-c6/

If you enjoy shading in drawing and have techniques or tools you recommend, please share in the comments!

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