Observing a Number (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

For today’s simple pleasure, I chose the number twelve and will be attending to when that number shows up in my daily life for the next few days. I expect the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, also called the frequency illusion, to occur. This is when something stands out to you and it suddenly seems like it is everywhere.

I’ve met people at various stages of my life who operate from superstition, believing that the cognitive biases of their brains were in fact signs from a higher being telling them what to do. Now that I know why my mind is drawn in a particular direction, it takes most of the “fun” out of it, but it is still fascinating to observe how easily I can feel persuaded that maybe there is something to the pattern. I’ve already spotted a sushi dinner that I might purchase for a friend and I that just so happens to include twelve pieces of sashimi! Have you ever looked for a particular number to appear? Where was the most interesting place it showed up?

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