Adopting a Rock (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

A green malachite rock.
Source: JJ Harrison ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 (

I’ve decided to acquire a malachite rock for today’s simple pleasure. When I researched the associated spiritual qualities of the rock, the first statement I found described it as a stone related to transformation, which fits very well with where I am at in my life currently. I am taking low-dose T in order to medically transition to better suit who I am as a non-binary person and am adjusting much of my social life as a result of coming out as trans, so change is occurring both gradually and all at once.

Malachite also engenders protection, specifically of the heart, which I feel an increased need for because of the impact that being mis-gendered has been having on me as of late. My physical appearance has shifted slightly and I think people read me as decidedly queer, even if they can’t make out specifically what my identity is, and are sometimes unpleasant as a result. Glares and stares are not something I’ve experienced most of my life from strangers. I’m working to learn how to reflect back or bounce off the negativity in the sense of not allowing someone else’s rejection of me to influence me, but rather to see it as a manifestation of the inner hatred they’ve allowed to fester. I ordered a malachite bracelet and am excited to see the effects that the stone has in my life.*

*Personally I do not believe objects such as crystals have any intrinsic powers, but rather I use them to symbolize inner characteristics that I want to manifest.

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