Reading a Book Chapter (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

For the past several months, one of the books I’ve been perusing is Trans Love: An Anthology of Transgender and Non-Binary Voices, edited by Freiya Benson. As someone who is asexual, panromantic and rather love-averse, I’ve connected with some of the writings more than others so far in my reading, but have appreciated all of the authors’ perspectives. The chapter I read for today’s simple pleasure was written by Freiya Benson herself and was titled “Fucking Feelings.”

I think the name of the chapter could be taken two ways–how it feels to have emotional reactions to relationships, but also the feelings one has about having sex. The chapter interwove both strands but focused more on the first. I connected a lot with the author’s depiction of the highs that come with closeness with another person, and the lows that come when it ends. As she described it, “I don’t know where to put them [feelings] when they become memories.” (pg. 83). It feels good to know that I’m not alone in finding the grief and sense of loss that comes with attempts at love to be bewildering. For the time being, I think I’ve become self-protective and withdrawn from it. The chapter as a whole helped me further my self-reflection on the topic. What’s a good book chapter you’ve read lately?

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