Watching a Food Channel (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

I’ve created many of my Simple Pleasure cards to be active and engaging beyond simply passively watching media. I did this because my “shut-down” mode of relaxation tends to be media consumption; I can border on an addictive use as a way to detach from stressors. That said, there are a few programs (all of which relate to food) that I have come to love over time.

My favorite program on YouTube is the Bon Appetit channel. It has almost five million subscribers as of the writing of this post, so I am by no means alone in enjoying it. I love all the programs on the channel, but the series I get most excited for is Make Perfect, where several of the hosts team up to try to make the most perfect version of a food or meal. Part of my enjoyment of the channel comes from the fact that I love watching people who are as enthralled by food as I am. I’m also intrigued by the human psychology factor of the differences in peoples’ personalities that come shining through (I would say my personality is a Chris/Claire/Andy mix from what I’ve seen so far).

Another show I watch on a regular basis is Beard Meats Food, which features a competitive eater, Adam Moran, who lives in Leeds. He posts various challenges, some of which he does with his wife who usually only eats the garlic bread. I feel like I can sometimes avoid eating junk food by watching others binge on it, which does not feel like the healthiest of coping mechanisms, but I’ll take it.

For today’s Simple Pleasure, I’m going to watch the newest episode of Hot Ones, which happens to also be the #1 trending video on Youtube. I get grossed out at times from the guests’ responses to the violently hot chicken (or vegan) wings, but it is interesting to see how people react to detailed questions while trying to manage their physical reactions. Even though it is a food show, I don’t find it as engaging as the other two shows I watch because the physical pleasure found in enjoying food rarely happens.

If you watch Youtube shows, what kinds do you enjoy? What do you think, if anything, you learn from them? How do they affect you in a positive way?

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