Finding an Example of Human Kindness (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

I think it is a highly stressful and depressing time to be a human in many parts of the world today. Even if a person lives in a place with enough resources, security and community, the threat of climate change lurks over all of us. So, for today’s simple pleasure, I decided to take a moment to locate a hopeful and uplifting story of humanity.

The specific story I came across involved two teens who partnered up with a child who was feeling isolated and friendless at their school. They included the child in their lunch hour and have gone on to speak in regional schools about bullying. Their principle reported that other teens at the school are also showing more inclusion and kindness to others.

As humans, we copy behaviors that we observe are praised and those which garner attention. Having the senior students take the initiative to engage in pro-social behaviors led to a desire in others to be like them. Conversely, in schools where the bullies are the popular students, others may start bullying as a way to gain social power.

Stories like the one I found inspire me to put effort into being a kinder person, as I know my actions might influence not only the behaviors of those to whom I am being kind, but also possible bystanders’ behaviors. I can get sloppy in my commitment to positive values when I don’t feel consistently supported or respected. Spending time with this news story today reminds me that I am responsible for co-creating any environment in which I find myself. What is an upbeat or happy news story you’ve encountered recently? What impact did it have on you?

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