Learning a New Concept (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

Today is Intersex Awareness Day, so I decided to spend some time reading and listening to individuals in the intersex community to educate myself about how to stand in solidarity with them. Being non-binary is not the same as being intersex, as intersex involves a medical condition usually diagnosed at birth, but some of the legal challenges, such as gender markers on legal documents, overlap. However, people who are intersex deserve to have more attention given to their specific needs, as opposed to being used solely as a rhetorical tool to argue against binary gender and sex designations.

Much of the advocacy today within the intersex community centers on avoiding cosmetic genital surgery at a young age and instead allowing intersex individuals choice in any physical changes they may want to pursue once they are of age. There is also a focus on reducing stigma about differences in sex development. Given that up to 1 in 50 people are intersex, I hope that more people realize how outdated the viewpoint of human sex variations as being strictly dimorphic is and begin to advocate for intersex inclusion in the spectrum of natural human difference rather than disease.


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