Can You Stomach It? (Today’s Daily Presence)

I’ve been taking full advantage of the Daily Presence card I created, each of which centers on a meditation connected to a different area of the body. My week has been one of the most stressful of 2019, so grounding myself in my physical experience is vital. For today’s practice, I focused on my digestive system.

I started by breathing deeply and listening to relaxing music. I imagined healing energy and warm light flowing through my digestive system, soothing any areas of discomfort and creating space for healthy consumption of nourishment. I imagined any toxins and negative energy flowing out of me, being pushed by each inhalation. Finally, I pictured myself soaking in a warm bath, satiated, calm and cleansed.

I rarely try guided imagery, but this one was effective in helping me feel more present in my body and connected to its processes. I am learning that, for me, I achieve much more internal stability by concentrating on a certain area of my body, rather than telling myself I have to be calm when my body is in an agitated state. It isn’t so much that I need relaxation, rather, I need a return to sensation when I’m stuck on focusing on my perceptions of the world. How is your digestive system today? What does it need from you?

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