Watercolor Pencils (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

I decided to pull the “exploring a new art medium” card again for today’s simple pleasure, and to try out watercolor pencils by Faber-Castell. I’ve been enjoying their oil-based colored pencils so I thought I’d try working with both. The main lesson I learned was that paper matters.

I chose a mixed-media paper that was labeled as appropriate for watercolor, but the paper immediately wrinkles as soon as I added a small amount of water. I also tried to use the pencils on my colored-pencil paper but it also got wavy (although the colors diffused a lot less which I liked). I haven’t yet found a paper that responds well, or perhaps I’ll find that I am applying too much water.

I love how easy it is to sketch with the watercolor pencils as compared to watercolor paint. I think that, once I get a handle on the technique, it will pair well with the colored pencils so that I can achieve background coverage more easily and then layer onto it a more detailed drawing. This is what I did for the image I included in my post. If you’ve worked with this type of pencil and have any suggestions, I would love to read them!

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