Sciatica Self-Care (Today’s Daily Presence)

I’ve been under so much mental stress that I’ve begun to lose track of my body state. I’ve noticed on and off for the past week that the outside of my right calf feels odd. When I tried to follow in a brief stretching video today, my entire leg began to cramp uncontrollably and go numb. The overall pattern of pain and discomfort suggests to me my sciatic nerve is irritated, possibly at multiple points. So, I spent my energy on finding instructions specific to soothing this area of my body.

This website had a few stretches I’d forgotten about. I found the sitting pigeon stretch to be the most accessible, as the forward pigeon stretch was what I was doing when the leg cramping and numbness flared up. I am also going to try some heat therapy and possibly even my TENS machine if I can get it charged. My body feels locked up in a way that makes me want to crank the unit up the whole way for maximum effect! If you have sciatic pain, what have you found to be helpful? What is your favorite stretch? What types of exercises or treatments work best?

2 thoughts on “Sciatica Self-Care (Today’s Daily Presence)

  1. Thank you for bringing this up. I often experience flares over the end of year/new year period. I put it down to fear – of future, money, old social issues, etc. Sometimes it helps me to explore those topics and do reality checks. When that doesn’t work, there are my standby stretches (similar to yours) and paying closer attention to how I am sitting. In case of emergency, I see the physiotherapist for therapeutic ultrasound or a needle to release tethered tissue. Lately I’ve been focussed on piriformis stretches. Just found this link which gives me a few more ideas.

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