Sensory Indulgence (In the Cards)

Today’s card encouraged me to contemplate which of my senses might need some extra pampering. The two that come to mind are my sense of hearing and my sense of touch. I have felt really over-stimulated lately in terms of noises, and underwhelmed in terms of my experience of touch.

Misophonia misery

I struggle with severe misophonia, which means that certain sounds (mostly those made by other people) trigger rage. I especially cannot sounds “mouth noises” like someone chewing or breathing noisily. My dog has been having bad skin allergies and therefore biting at himself and licking his paws. I took him to the vet but his medications are not fully kicking in yet. My insomnia has been partially caused by being unable to screen out the noises he’s making.

To engage in some self-care for this sense, I am going to put more effort into having soothing music playing when I’m relaxing, as well as taking a drive to the country at some point this weekend to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Touch Hunger

Because I have my dog, I don’t feel as much of a craving for touch as I have in the past. Between my PTSD, asexuality and germaphobia, sexual touch isn’t something I desire with anyone else. I do, however, have times where I’d like a hug or to be able to let my guard down and relax around others. I’m not fully certain how to get my needs met for this sense, but I think some simple actions like a foot bath or brushing my dog’s hair might help.

Which of your senses has been overworked lately? Which might be feeling neglected? Which acts of self-care do you find particularly beneficial for each sense?

2 thoughts on “Sensory Indulgence (In the Cards)

  1. Your postings are very intriguing, informative, and relatable.
    Don’t know if it will cancel out the dog licking noises, but during meditation I put my white noise machine on to cancel out the ringing in my ears which develops as I age. Most of the time my mind is on other things so I don’t pay attention to it which is good because if I did I’d go mad. But in the silence it can get very loud. The noise machine has many options, ocean waves, rain, etc. The one I like is crickets.

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    1. Thanks for sharing what’s worked for you! I have white noise going 24/7 but my lovely brain finds a way to “hear over” it when I am extremely stressed. Luckily my pup is on several medications to help with his allergies and *fingers crossed* seems to be doing better.

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