Taking Stock (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

I’m sorting, storing and organizing more than ever as I try to make my house a fortified source of provisions, rather than relying on grocery stores and a “just-in-time” supply chain that is showing strain. I took my preparations one step further and decided to create an catalog of the items I have, along with their cost, frequency of use and potential sources. I’ve always been slightly confused by the process of inventory in stores and am only now realizing how much different my daily life might be if I outsourced some of the obtaining of goods to subscription services and reliable resources, rather than needing to “run to the store” multiple times a week.

I’ve been shopping online for at least a decade and a half, but have used online stores to browse items or to find products I might not be able to source locally. Now I see an entirely new potential for streamlining how I allocate my funds as I track my usage over time. I fear that the environmental impact of getting everything delivered is likely higher than obtaining goods from stores, but I also then consider that the meat I ordered was shipped directly from the farmer with dry ice, rather than burning electricity on its way to, from and in a grocery store freezer. Increasing my awareness of how products make their way to me has been an interest of mine for a few years, now it is more vital than ever as I would not only put myself and others in danger by shopping in person, but would also take away resources from those who might have only in-person purchases as an option. How much attention do you pay to where the items you use come from, or how they get to you? How has the supply chain in your area been holding up? How might the concept of inventory apply to your inner world?

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