My name is Sable Bellwether. I live as a collective. My core belief is that our best lives are lived by welcoming in the lonely, shamed and abandoned parts of self we all carry. I strive to embody this belief through creating authentic presence, no matter the outcome.


I have dissociative identity disorder; the person I present on this blog represents both the individual aspects of who I am and the summation of myself. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

I have an advanced degree in psychology and work as an educator. I am a proud puppy parent.


My collective self is the result of living with dissociative identity disorder. I consider myself disabled by both mental health and chronic pain conditions.

I am white, non-binary, asexual, panromantic and androgynous in my presentation.

My spirituality is constantly in flux. I connect with Goddess Spirituality, ecofeminism, paganism and mind-body-spirit practices.

I strive to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I am 99% sober, cook vibrant home-cooked meals, commune with nature and exercise on a regular basis.