More than Giving Voice (Today’s Daily Presence)

The area of the body on which my Daily Presence card focused today was my throat. I associate this area with my voice, but, as I spent time in mindful meditation with my throat, I realized that this body part serves multiple functions. It is also a pathway in receiving nutrition and air and in expelling waste products such as carbon dioxide. As such, it is a place of both power and vulnerability.

Given that our throat has both receptive and expressive capacities, I wondered what balance I have been achieving. My employment involves a lot of talking, which often leaves my voicebox strained. In addition, I have GERD which can cause acid to erode the lining of my throat. Because of these factors, I think my throat is in need of receiving soothing care more than it is in need to being used more forcefully to assert my strength as a person. I decided a way to honor this area of my body would be to make a cup of calming tea, so I settled on chamomile.

As I’ve been trying out my Daily Presence cards, focusing on one area of my body at a time, I am continually surprised at how much I’ve been overlooking in terms of what my body needs. I think my go-to is to realize I don’t feel great and to conclude that I need to rest or exert myself less, but when I spend time centered on my breathing, simple being in my body, I find a lot of nuance and complexity is going on if I only listen. What is your throat needing from you today? What messages is it communicating to you?

Creating an Essential Oil Blend (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

Certain scents are categorized as being feminine or masculine to many of our brains. I want to reject this social programming. As a trans-masculine non-binary person, I enjoy a wide range of aromas and do not want to be coded as feminine simply because what I’m wearing or what my house smells like reads as floral or bright. I’ve been experimenting with colognes but find, even if I use only one spritz, many of them are overpowering.

Essential oils allow a connection to scents that can be custom-blended in intensity and content. Rather than make a wearable form (as I have done in the past), I kept it simple today and made a soy candle. Well, I started to make one but realized I didn’t have any good way of melting the soy flakes for an individual “serving” of one candle. Therefore, I added the wick to the partially-melted flakes, dumped on some oils and dried flowers, and lit it up. My flower addition proved to be too generous and too loosely compacted, so they promptly caught on fire too. This worked to my advantage as the combination release an toasted incense aroma as well the deeper, lingering smell of a candle.

The specific oils I used included ones which were scented as vanilla, lavender and copaiba. Copaiba is one of several oils that came in a kit I ordered a while back; in researching it further, it appears to originate in the Amazon rainforest. I really enjoyed the way it smelled so I will definitely have to find a sustainable source for it once my current supply runs out. To round out the scent profile, I included dried rose petals and chamomile flowers. The blend I created felt soft, calming and healing to me and it allowed me to sit for a moment in a more vulnerable place than I sometimes go to in order to re-connect with my body and spirit. What is your favorite blend of essential oils? How do you use them?