Dandelions Galore! (Today’s Moment of Gratitude)

My yard is currently teeming with dandelions. I live in a neighborhood where most people poison the weeds in their lawns into submission, so I feel both rebellious and a little chagrin at the overwhelming abundance I’ve managed to cultivate. They make me happy, though, because they only grow in large numbers in front of my house where the afternoon and evening sun are most abundant. My dog loves to eat the blossoms so we go dandelion-picking now and then. What natural abundance are you enjoying today?

Today’s Simple Pleasure: Smelling a Pleasant Scent

It took no effort to realize today’s goal! I try to cook all of my food from scratch, in part because I have some food sensitivities. I recently watched Mark Wien’s travel vlog in Lebanon and had to try my hand at making kibbeh. I adapted the ingredients to my taste and set to work. The smell of the meat, pine nut, bulgur and allspice/cinnamon mixture baking was incredible. A very satisfying and pleasant scent that will linger for hours is exactly what I needed to lift my spirits. What aromas have you encountered today that made you smile?