Using a Face Mask (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

Between chronic stress and using T, my face has been breaking out lately. So, today’s simple pleasure of applying a face mask fit well with what my body needs. I chose an Vitamin C/glow mask from The Body Shop (not an affiliate but I do love their products). I do not enjoy spa treatments like facials, but a bit of body TLC here and there enhances my day. What is your favorite self-care activity related to rejuvenating your body?

Soaking in Water (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

Taking a warm bath relaxes and satisfies many people’s need for a simple pleasure. I, however, become nauseous from the heat. Hot water only works for me in small doses, so my version of a bath involves involves soaking my feet in water infused with a homemade bath bomb containing essential oils and dried herbs.

As I did this today, I found myself able to reconnect with my body and temporarily less aware of my chronic pain as all my energy went into finding the right temperature that was soothing rather than scalding (I recommend using a thermometer for this if you have any conditions such as diabetes that could affect your ability to perceive temperature in your feet). My feet feel smooth and pampered after my treatment, which allows the rest of my body to come to a place of calmness and comfort. What is your favorite way to soak in water?