A lake in winter with the sun gleaming off of it and leafless trees lining it in the distance.

Visiting a Body of Water (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

Today’s Simple Pleasure was very cold! The weather has taken a sharp turn into winter where I live, so my photo shoot was brief and I was left with numb fingers after only a few minutes. It was worth it, though, to visit a local lake that never fails to astonish me with its beauty.

I know people who love to sit in front of a fireplace or bonfire and feel that their cares melt away in the flames. Observing a body of water, especially a river or lake, has the same effect on me. I especially appreciate that, although the surface itself is so alive and ever-changing, even more is happening below, out of sight. The combination of unknowable depths, fluidity and quiet power that water holds makes it the element to which I most strongly connect. What is your element of choice? What effect, if any, does being near water have on you? What does it represent to you?

Connecting with a Mineral (Today’s Simple Pleasure)

For today’s Simple Pleasure, I chose the mineral Hematite as my focal point. Hematite is an iron-ore that is often seen as helpful in centering and aligning. It was no surprise to me to learn, when I looked into its origins, that it is most often found in sediment, meaning that it is deposited from processes involving water. So many aspects of my life lead back to a connection to water, and this new knowledge makes me appreciate it even more. I feel secure and more sure of myself when I wear or carry hematite. What mineral has been a focal point for you recently? What meaning do you attribute to it?